bollywood lakme videos

dress rehearsal may 2011
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The Flower Duet from the French opera, Lakme, is arguably THE most beautiful
duet ever written. Everyone recognizes it, but few people know that it is
set in Colonial India.

Opera Frontier decided to unite this glorious duet with authentic elements
from Indian music and dance to create one of its unorthodox performance
pieces -- in this case a Bollywood showcase for four singers!!

Singers Julia Hathaway, Dalyte Kodzis, Maria Mikheyenko, and Gail Simpson
with Skye Atman (piano), Zachary Puran Grewal (dhol, tabla), Ben Kunin
(sarod); Zachary Gordin (Musical Director); Urvashi Sinha (Choreography).

the making of a performance piece by opera frontier

This is a behind-the-scene look at the artists who created this performance
piece. It was filmed in cooperation with the Media and the Theater Departments,
Laney College, Oakland, CA; All rights reserved: Opera Frontier, 2011