hard to handel

. . . . Sort of looks like the Nutcracker?!

. . . . . . Sounds like the Messiah!?

Hard to Handel is an artistic confection -- a surprising blend of music and movement that showcases the playful side of George Frideric Handel. Using music from a chamber duet -- written within months of the Messiah and sharing the DNA for two of its great choruses -- Opera Frontier's performance embraces the tension between the text (a melancholy Italian love poem) and the effervescence of this music. We think he would love it.



Gail Simpson *Maria Mikheyenko *
*Dalyte Kodzis * Cass Mann *
Zachary Gordin (Harpsichord) * Jennifer Butler (Cello)

*Choreography by Jamie Ray Wright *

Assisted by Mayra Swatt

*Musical direction by Zachary Gordin *