lammermoor inc : a business tragedy

Written by david roberts & gail simpson


Why "Lammermoor Inc" ???

If they were writing today, would Verdi and Donezetti set their dramas on Wall Street? Opera Frontier thinks so! In grand operatic style, Lammermoor Inc. tells the contemporary tale of a business deal gone spectacularly awry. Opera Frontier's reverent mash-up of glamorous characters and glorious music from La Traviata and Lucia di Lammermoor, delivers the "story behind the headlines". Told by the baffled investment banker, we once again see how greed, ambition, deceit, passion, naiveté, love and twists of fate lead our characters to the inevitable tragic -- and in this case, heartbreakingly tuneful -- finale.

2010 Workshop Production

Choreographer/Director: TOM SEGAL
Musical Director: BRYAN BAKER


Ross Halper - Ed Ravenswood
Jennifer Kay - Executive Assnt
Jimmy Kansau - AJ Germont
Dalyte Kodzis - Alice
Maria Mikheyenko - Barista
Heidi Moss - Letty Valerie
Kate Offer - Assnt to Henry Ashton
David Roberts - Investment Banker
Chris Shuford - Ray
Gail Simpson - Lucy Ashton
Igor Vieira - Henry Ashton (Sunday Only)
Ginger Wiseman - Board Member