Wine reviews, sometimes called tasting notes, are their own peculiar form of literary expression. This example by Harvey Steiman, editor at large at Wine Spectator, inspired Opera Frontier to explore their potential as lyrics for a commissioned piece: “Sinewy, lithe and expressive, packing red berry, black cherry and cardamom aromas and flavors into a tightly focused package. The finish expands and powers up, driving a long and meaty finish. Displays muscle and poise.”  Composer Michael Taylor and Artistic Director Gail Simpson teamed up to complete this poignant meditation on the interplay of taste and memory.

This jaunty piece is inspired by Harvey Steiman’s tasting notes written about several Beaux Frères wines. Composer and conductor Michael Taylor can’t resist interrupting the two sopranos with his own enthusiastic patter about the wines. And they all get a little tipsy.