Urvashi Sinha

Urvashi Sinha (Choreographer) is an attorney by profession, dancer by heart. Rashi began her dancing career at the age of six and has been trained in Kathak, a North Indian classical form of dance; belly dancing; Bollywood; wayang orang, an Indonesian form of dance-drama; jazz; and hip hop. She has performed and choreographed pieces throughout the United States and India. As a creative director, Ms. Sinha has overseen musical, art and brand direction for local artists and dance companies including being responsible for the imaging and design of stage sets, organizing and designing social media advertising, directing music video teasers and photo shoots, assisting with music composition, and choreography for both stage and video. Ms. Sinha graduated from Pace University School of Law and was admitted to the California State Bar Association in December of 2010. As a practicing entertainment attorney, Ms. Sinha’s clients include local music and radio studios, production companies, music and film producers, recording artists, songwriters, photographers, and models.